Sunday, March 20, 2011

twenty-four hour whirlwind

Amy & I left Brisbane at around 3pm Saturday afternoon to surprise the unknowing parents, in our hometown of Inverell. Old school CD's were rediscovered with sing-a-long's, many laughs and the thrilling anticipation of just being home.

I seem to forget to take pictures during the most 'crucial' moments... like "THE SURPRISE" - when our parents arrived home from dinner with The Curries' to enjoy a relaxing late night coffee, and we just happened to walk into the kitchen. You should have seen their faces! Priceless. So warm and welcoming (as always) after the shock, and an added bonus/double whammy of our 'other parents' Mr & Mrs C being there... they also came around for a fully cooked BBQ breakfast this morning. There are such perks one can only have in moderation! LOVE.

I did take a few snaps of our journey - not particularly good ones, but frozen memories nonetheless.
I also re-snapped a heap of 'vintage' photographs out of old family albums... they are truly amazing - something I will surely share. For now, just over twenty-four hours later, in my Brisbane lounge I'll share a few journey snaps.

Happy Sunday, tip your glass of red!
The drive to Inverell. SNAP!
The Rose Street front garden... beautiful.
Between Inverell and Glen Innes, Northern New South Wales.
A coffee stop at Henry Parkes Motor Inn, and on through Tenterfield! 
Sunset in motion, on the Granite Belt - south of Ballandean.
The travel essentials.
Amy Louise and Chloé Jane, Brisbane bound.

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