Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a danger to me

is perhaps that I love this EP so much.
She's also my SOUND OF NOW feature.
Find her here.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

i am a godmum

My little Godson has just arrived.

I am so in-love & cannot wait to meet him.

My little man - we have so much to share.

Congratulations Casey & David. Love is not enough to express the excitement I feel this very moment.

Welcome baby Jupiter!

Your Godmama LOVES YOU!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

read this

It's not an eating-disorder feeding brainwash - it's a no-B.S. reality check on the world around you. There is SO much we don't know... about everything really, but what you put into that body of yours deserves a voice, a warrant and the all-clear.

You don't have to go crazy-veganesque if you don't think you can - baby steps, and hopefully you'll be more conscious of what you and your consumer dollar supports.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

glasgow to inverell

From Glasgow 1926, to Inverell 1992, the following crests represent the Newby family. (Only one side of my gorgeous family)
Using maps, typography, handwriting and inherent symbolism each crest has a story to tell.
The Birth of a Patriarch
- represents the birth of my Grandfather in Glasgow, 1926.
Patriarch & Matriarch
- represents the marriage of my grandparents in Wolsingham,
Durham County, England in 1947.
JAN the Second
- represents the birth of my father,
who holds the same initials as his father (a short lived tradition),
in Wolsingham, England 1954. 
Angelina Lauro
- represents the immigration of six Newby's from Southampton,
England to Perth Australia on the MV Angelina Lauro, in 1969.
John & Julianne
- represents the marriage of my parents in Armidale,
New South Wales, Australia, in 1982.
- represents the last year both my grandparents were
with us other five Newby's residing in Inverell.
Potential for many more.
Any questions, feedback - hit me here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

sneak peek

Here's a sneak preview of a typographic/mapping piece I'm currently working on...

A little puzzling? This one is going to represent the birth of my grandfather 'Newby' in Glasgow Scotland, 1926 - the patriarch of our family and family name.

More to come and the full concept to share!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the time that was

I won't lie. I've been M.I.A. for a reason.
My world as I know has taken a rather strange and unexpected turn down a foreign, perhaps dim-lit alley and it's taken me sometime to see the light of the street yonder.
It's not the end of the world, no - despite recent predictions, it's just a job contract has suddenly been terminated for company financial strains, it's end of semester, my sister has a had a car accident (the car was a write-off, but she's okay), she's been in hospital twice in the last month for severe tonsilitis, there's family issues annnnd... life - well, it throws everything at you at once doesn't it?

This has been my Little Hell.

Justified title, probably not. But I'm one of those people who is selective in sharing my troubles I guess. I'm always an ear, a shoulder and word of advice or a coffee or a drink or a walking pal. A call in the middle of the night - I'm yours... I've just kept things all inside in this turbulent time a little too long. And finally, I feel right enough to blog again. Some things needn't be shared. So now my reason for being AWOL is out in the open let's embrace June shall we?

This evening was one of my two shifts this week at the restaurant... and honestly, it's been the best thing to happen to me all week - get me out of the house, back into the swing of things. A cack, a giggle - the focus off me.
I sit here listening to City and Colour's 'Little Hell' album and am once again besotted by his re-al voice and ever so comfortable, grounding and resonating melodies.
City And Colour's Little Hell - album art
I know I'm back... why? I found the most ridiculous thing on the fridge this evening hilarious. My brother's RAAF mate 'tagged' himself in a grad photo. "SEXY". Daley? Really?

I dare say this happened after the infamous party I missed, but nonetheless it brightened my night/day. Conceited with the intent to make you laugh. Got me in one.

How has your June been?

Apart from unexpected occurrences, I've revamped The Book Club blog site and finished the current book :: To Kill A Mocking Bird - by Harper Lee. What a book - so profound for the period set and published. Everyone should read this book and appreciate the honestly and humility embedded within Lee's pages.

To summarise, June :: eventful - to say the least. Humbling, yes. Turbulent and unsteady, oh heck yes.
Doors opening for rejuvenation - I can see them already.

Watch this space.


Thursday, June 2, 2011


Bonjour Juin.
Month number six - you are here.
You can believe it less than I.

What does this month hold? A Godson to be born healthy and happy into this world, a semester of study to pass with flying colours of fantastic achievements, the cooler weather to breeze past your nose in the morning, and life to continue and be known as the second half of 2011. It has flown, and there is much more to cram into the year before the count is over.

My... where do you begin? I have an innate desire to be lost between the pages of novels, to re-ignite The Book Club and finally get For The Quill And Ink off the ground as an entity - just quietly, I'm over talking about it... and I'm sure you'e sick of listening to the pipedream remain semi-stagnant.

Brisbane, the winter here is debatable with regard to the truly mild one we tend to experience.
But June, what is it that makes me want to take this time out for you?
You take me back to hockey games in Armidale, early morning bus rides, toast and porridge and weekend family breakfasts at home. Spitfire (our dog) baking herself in the sun... my dressing gown, my uggs. The sub-zero temperatures when we visit the place (my parent's) that I will always call home.
My Sundays playing Golf, walking hill after hill... to hack through a rough of fallen leaves and sink via a silky smooth, evening dew adorned green.
These are only some of the feelings that conjure my June.

The meaning of June will surely change... but when it does the memories may be saved here.

Happy second day of this sixth month.

There is nothing like an Australian winter sunrise.
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