Wednesday, January 27, 2010

almighty roar!

Triple J's Hottest 100 Winner:
Mumford and Sons with 'Little Lion Man'.

A song that takes me to an English pub with a pint of beer and a rowdy group of music-loving friends everytime I listen to it. It graced our ears on the drive home from an Australia Day at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.
The boys from Mumford & Sons played the number one song live in the JJJ studios yesterday for all those listening around the country - and the world, on Australia Day 2010.

Quirky pic courtesy of Ted's Photography via

Friday, January 22, 2010

sweet sense-ation

My current On-The-Go playlist resonates with how I feel right now... here it is.

The Thief - Brooke Fraser
Samson - Regina Spektor
Hymn - Brooke Fraser
Cosmic Love - Florence And The Machine
The Best Is Yet To Come - Frank Sinatra
The Absence Of Fear/This Little Bird - Jewel
Valium - Lisa Mitchell
Daniel - Bat For Lashes
Song For A Winter's Night - Jewel and Sarah McLachlan
Sentimental Journey - Ella Fitzgerald
Paper Helmet - Wes Dance
Oh Boy - Duffy
Morning Song - Jewel
Kissing You - Deseree
Isn't It Romantic - Ella Fitzgerald
Fever - Michael Buble

pledge away

As a self-confessed bookworm... or rather - avid reader, I certainly pledge to read the printed word. With the technological age claiming all things sacred, it's important for us all to keep reading and not be 'spoon fed' our information. SO READ - Beit on your phone, computer, magazines, newspapers or street billboard! But I think there is nothing so sacred as a books precious pages.

Like many other bloggers, you can pledge too!
Head to and place a button on your blog.

Or even better...
head to and get reading yourself!


sweet sea bound sigh

After perusing my favourite blogs, as I usually do here at work amongst briefs, I came across this gorgeous painting 'Deep Down' by Casey O'Connell.

and fell inlove with the other sweet pieces in her new collection.

This piece makes me think of Boyfriend... we haven't kissed underwater yet... but the beauty in it resonates with me. I'll have to show him!

I think you should check them out too.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

stuffed... olive

A photo I particularly like for the composition, colour hues and it's quirkiness.  'Tis myself and Janelle (naturally, I have the olive in my Lady Danger lips). Taken on New Year's Day on the roof top of our beach bach, at Urenui Beach Camp, New Zealand.

bloody beautiful mate

I thought this was just lovely - and really summed up some Aussie summer love. And a perfect Australia Day recipe too!

Emailed from a quirky Australian design duo - check them out here:

Monday, January 18, 2010

yes, please

I could do with a bookshelf like that.

a new view

My new computer wallpaper...

morning song

My gorgeous little sister, Amy, is moving to Brisbane to live with me this weekend coming. Something I've been waiting for for awhile now. The little one has a pet Budgerigar, Sturt, who will also be taking residence here. There is one problem, minor though it is - I feel it is time for Sturt to have a cage upgrade. Of the arty, vintage kind above... merely to fit in, and feel comfortable.

Where can I find one in which he can sing his glorious morning song?

chin up darling

Whilst searching for some quirky book images for The Book Club's blogspot, I came across this lovely image. I couldn't resist sharing it on here.

I love old photographs... chin-up, back straight, cheeks tight ladies!

a fresh page

Perhaps it's a little late, however I wish you all a Happy New Year! I began mine in Aotearoa this year... the Land Of The Long White Cloud - New Zealand. The festivities took place at a beach bach at Urenui and my adventure carried on for two weeks, exploring the North and South Islands. A natural wonder around every corner, the scenery was breath-taking, with the Fox Glacier being my favourite natural enchantment. I have many pictures to share with you.

For now, I'd like to introduce a project close to the hearts of a couple of good friends and I - The Book Club. Established in 2009 when I was at home in Inverell. The Book Club currently consists of three members; Janelle and I (founding members) and Jake, and it has enlightened us, literally, and provided endless hours of entertainment, bubbling conversation and a fine wine or three.

The idea was to gather our close friends, or anyone that was interested to participate. Very soon, we will all be in different locales - with Janelle in New Zealand, myself in Brisbane and Jake soon to be mixing some sick beats in Byron Bay. Hence the need for a way of corresponding, sharing our views, news and keeping up to date with The Book Club itself, and so I have begun to create a blogspot especially for it. Although it is currently needing some TLC, I am endeavouring to have it underway within the next week or so. This is where you'll find it:

Here you'll find details on the Book Club list, what's been recently read, what the Clubber's are currently reading and who is a member. Within a short time I hope to have a synopsis on the books read in 2009 aswell as the current book underway. Once everyone knows about it there will be plenty of room for reviews, comments, list suggestions and other input.

I'm a little excited, being the uber cool bookworm I am... so stay posted here or there!

2010... time to turn a fresh page.

x C

{Image sourced via google images}
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