Tuesday, March 27, 2012

kitchen sink

March 22 : Photo-A-Day

Kitchen Sink


March 21 : Photo-A-Day



March 20 : Photo-A-Day



March 19 : Photo-A-Day



March 15 : Photo-A-Day


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


There's a few DIY dreams floating around in my mind of late... and the idea of recycling pallets/crates seems to tickle my fancy. They can be used for so many different purposes and as you can see below, can be rather aesthetically pleasing in one's humble abode.
Wine racks, wall gardens, movable outdoor couches, coffee tables, bookshelves... the possibilities seem endless.
I'm loving the rustic, earthy look and  how it can be effortlessly teamed with the clean, crisp, minimal or eclectic interiors.

{source unknown - credit if you can}

quote, en quote

I like this.
{speechless heart?}

estilo sunday

Another belated edition of estilo sunday, found via The Served. Full of delicious retro glamour... sure to satisfy and inspire you all year long. Designed by Design Army, the following is for the Editorial spreads for the Winter/Spring 2012 cover story of Washingtonian Magazine's Bride & Groom issue.
I simply couldn't resist sharing the sumptuous pastel palette and old school feminine starlet beauty, gorgeous photography and classic clean, yet creative composition.

Art Director: Pum Lefebure
Photography: Dean Alexander
Client: Washingtonian Magazine

There's a little bit of Ginger Love going on here... don't know if you noticed ;P

absolutely, positively

A little positivity and inspiration for your Wednesday.
{improving heart}

fotografía friday

When is fotografía friday ever on a Friday, you say? When this lady is organised and not working in the fine industry of hospitality or freelancing around the webosphere... so, without further adieu I give you a catch-up of sorts on the last two scheduled fotografía friday's ::
The Granite Belt at sunset, south of Ballandean.
This first photograph is one of my favourite road trip photos. Taken on a whirlwind 24hour road trip with my sister, driving home to surprise and visit our parents interstate.
I believe this is on the way back to Brisbane, as the sun is setting over the Granite Belt wine region. If you are so inclined, you can peruse my old road trip post here. I do love going home.
Countryside views, via train.
This second photograph was taken on a journey home around June last year, however this trip I took the train and bus ride back to my parents rather than drive myself. The fields were so green and while it was slightly overcast the journey was just what I wanted as I travelled home - big seat to myself and plenty of time to relax and enjoy the scenery. I particularly like the self-reflection caught in the train window as I took this shot.

A little nostalgic today, I am... must plan a road trip and few days in my hometown again soon. Especially as Autumn arrives and it cools down... my favourite time of year. Ahhh.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

fotografía friday

A catch-up on last week's edition of fotografía friday.
Like I said, life's been a little crazy, but I thought we could all do with a quaint setting and burst of bright yellow to bring some sunshine into your life. I quite enjoyed my time by the window bar, sipping a delicious coffee at Dandelion & Driftwood, the day this was taken.

It's the simple pleasures... ahhhhhh!

Here's to curing your 3.30itis.

give more, expect less

A reminder, if you find today not so easy.


March 14 : Photo-A-Day


Dreary, perfectly dreary.

a sign

March 13 : Photo-A-Day

A Sign


March 12 : Photo-A-Day


someone I talked to today

March 11 : Photo-A-Day

Someone I Talked To Today


March 10 : Photo-A-Day



March 9 : Photo-A-Day


Only the makers of my favourite muesli goods.


March 8 : Photo-A-Day


time to

... capture a little more heart around here, I think.
Too lost for too long.


I'm sitting here at my desk, late this Wednesday night... a contemplative day behind me, and in my perusal of recorded writings, scribblings and other such pieces of inspiration I'd collected over a recent time, I came across this:

"Experiences are what make our fate. Without them what would shape our lives?
If we never veered off course we wouldn't fall in love, or make memories to last a lifetime, or have adventures, that make us who we are.
After all, seasons change, so do people, cities and locations. People come into your life and people go... But it's comforting to know the ones that are always in your heart, and If you're lucky, are only a short plane ride away".

I can't remember where I cut it from or where I was at the time I did so, but this beginning of 2012 has been a trying time, for me. One or another few curved balls have come my way. Expectations have been diminished, I'd become accustomed to sleepless nights and people have come into and gone from my life with full force, some leaving me aghast.
My creative life is more fulfilling and challenging. There are moments of creative content and moments of sheer frustration. There are your run of the mill good days, bad days and days with people you are ever so thankful for. I have begun new projects; completed some, fallen behind on others and soared with inspiration on a few more. Time is a friend and time is a foe. Sometimes you wonder what the heck is going on with The Universe. Could the Big Man upstairs throw me a frickin' bone here?! And then, in that moment of despair, frazzle or in that five minutes you get to stop - and breathe - and reflect, you realise that these experiences are all patchwork squares of You. Imperfectly perfect - there is none youer than you.
You may think some are prettier, blemish free, with finer detail than others... but what creative eye saw beauty in only the refined, the perfect, the carefully planned and crafted? I'm yet to meet such a creative being. Every master began with a rough sketch, a journal of refinement and plenty of mistakes corrected over time. Is this not the zest and honesty of life?
This day and age has made us impatient beings, things demanded yesterday in today's order, wanting the latest of everything to stand out, be noticed, whilst we subconsciously conform amongst a fast-paced society. Creative, alternative, conservative, the old, the young... we all do it. Sometimes we forget to see the beauty in the hiccups of our journey until we allow ourselves the five minute breather, or for some, it's too late or never. It's in these moments we reflect on raw emotion and experience and can draw the greatest lessons on life, and see that we are simply human, not superhuman, not matter how hard we tried, thought or think we ought to be.
I guess amongst the rant and waffle here, I found a little resonance in the above passage I'd come across this evening. In times of uncertainty, stress, anxiety, pain or simply the fast-pace of life (even if you have minimal qualms) you forget to see the overall beauty of the patchwork of experiences that makes you, You. If for a moment, you can push the clouds aside and let some light shine on your heart in the chaos that has become you - you may reach a positive place in which you can be objective. Accept your faults, your failures, disappointments, those who have come and gone, the memories you've made and be grateful for the life you are living right now.
Tomorrow mightn't be easy, but the realisation that we all have tasks, journeys and people to accompany us on this journey called life is the most important. It's those few who love unconditionally, those few who create a vision, those few who are -  if you're lucky, a short plane ride away - that make your patchwork a rare work of art. One in which your mistakes will be learnt from, your finer qualities inherited and the love you possess displayed on the wall for all to see.
It can be tough and a short rant to yourself can alleviate the weight of your creative mind running overtime, like for me now. It's sometimes harder to get to this point, because there's no use turning back from here - you've already closed the gate and the world is waiting for your next step. You can't guarantee what is waiting - that's fate, but you can manifest on your positivity, your creativity and believe that there are plans for you for good, and not for disaster.
I am ever so thankful for those who have stood by my side, believed in and loved me; watched me grow, fall, pulled me up, walked alongside me, and watched me pull myself back up again. We all have individual journeys, but I am so blessed to have been able to be part of other's and shared some of mine with some of the most amazing people, culminating memories and beliefs, projects, movements and hearts of such strength and inspiration, all in the one place.

I'm not sure it's a complete transitional period, but we have some serious head and heart renovations going on in here. We're moving along and up.

The leaves are turning.

All the while, I hope this passage brings you a little resonance now or later, whenever your journey sees it fit.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

give me books

Any day of the week.
Without forgetting to live one's own life, sometimes it's a little nicer, a little easier to get lost in the fantasy that the printed word has to offer.

Indulge in another world, pick up a book and perhaps... join us?

{printed on my heart}

Saturday, March 10, 2012

mi casa, su casa

A little post for the house-bound.
If you were, and this were your humble abode why would you want to leave? Lovely, light and airy with a good portion of bookshelves. Funny...  I colour-code mine as well.

It's a gorgeous mix of old and new, restored and comfortably coloured. A little mis-matched, but oh so perfect - and yes, plenty of books. How I dream of decorating my first home some day... Ah :)

{source unknown}

Thursday, March 8, 2012

something I wore

March 7 : Photo-A-Day

Something I Wore

One of my latest vintage scarf additions.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

my neighbourhood

March 3 : Photo-A-Day

My Neighbourhood


March 2 : Photo-A-Day


My flatmate's lonesome orange.

estilo sunday

Style inspiration for me these days comes in the form of all things vintage, block colour, hues of blue and orange. Mustard and calico, tan and leather, tortoiseshell and Popular Penguins... and of course the odd luxurious sparkle. In one of my daily blog reads, I came across this video for Kate Spade, and instantly fell in love - with the short film, the fashion and accessories styling, the interiors... Ah! Team all of the above with New York and the whimsical tune of Soko, and you have this week's edition of estilo sunday. Right up my alley.

Go on - Dress me up and cover me in books.

{Thanks to Taza for the blog share}

Friday, March 2, 2012

fotografía friday

For this week's fotografía friday, may I introduce (once again) my beloved family dog, Spitfire. 14 years young, and still taking a gorgeous shot. I took this photo whilst home last week, and I think it turned out ever so nicely. Still so full of character... I don't know how we could have done life without her. Blessed.


As I did in January, I am once again taking part in the Photo-A-Day challenge, created by fatmumslim. A little bit excited to see what everyone else captures and see how creative I can get!

March 1 : Photo-A-Day


estilo sunday

I recently came across the most adorable attire, albeit for our feline friends, I had to share it with you.
From the wonderful CatAtelier, you too can dress up your little and not so little ones in the sensational styles created for the most sophisticated Aristocats. If you don't think your feline friend would tolerate such fashions, you can simply gush over the snaps below.

Darling, aren't they?
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