Friday, February 24, 2012

fotografía friday

fotografía friday this week is a home edition, as I am in New South Wales visiting my parents, and the family pets.
This little rascal was my shadow this morning of my 26th birthday. My sister and I hand raised, the aptly named Typhoon from 3 to around 9 weeks, as he was found on a construction site in inner city Brisbane. My Mum came to visit, fell in-love and then adopted him. It's quite ironic that he sat still enough for me to take this 'portrait perfect' shot. All other moments he was stealthily stalking me or tearing around, from upstairs to down, like a literal typhoon.

He's got me on my toes (or is wrapped around my ankles), that's for sure. Just look at the fierce concentration.

Monday, February 20, 2012


... is the key, and perhaps the only thing that will pay off in the end. I found the below poster inspiring and reaffirming to say the least.
My lovely cousin sent this to me, and I hope it sparks rejuvenation and creativity in you too.

{source unknown}

Keep pushin' on.

estilo sunday

Issued on your Monday, but nevertheless, the week's estilo Sunday greets you with the sweetest of fairytale inspired necklines.
For the innocent, the quirky and the alternative - here you have the Peter Pan collar. I can't get enough :: shopping all things Peter Pan collared as we speak. I can see my Autumn wardrobe having a little more of the whimsical touch, loaded with quirk.

Second star to the right, and straight on til morning?

{All sweet Pan attire shown here, found via ASOS}

fotografía friday

This week's late edition of fotografía friday was taken a few weeks ago (and instagrammed) on my ferry ride home from Spanish. Here you see the Southbank precinct, Performing Arts complex and the Brisbane Eye. I haven't been in to black & white photography for some time, but I like the way the light and dark contrast are truly accentuated in this shot with the Inkwell filter, and a mystery and vibrance is projected amongst the varying textures.
Just thought I'd share a little of my city with you.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

estilo sunday

I first saw these on the subway in New York City, now - I covet them. There's just something about them - comfy, rustic, fitting that alternative fashionista trend.
I know it's summer here in Australia... but I really, really want a pair. From Princess Di, to Kate Moss and the average Jane, they seem to be striking a rather fashion forward yet British-traditionalist chord.
Whatever your colour or cause - festivals, city block-hopping, mountain trekking, puddle-jumping or trend-setting - there's sure to be a style for you. From collaborations with Jimmy Choo, to short, heeled and snow styles; you can team these with Hunter's signature line of wellie socks to keep your toes even warmer.

These green Original Talls are just my caper.

They could take me anywhere, and I dare say I need a pair of wish wellingtons. You can find them and all their counterparts here.

{images found all over the world wide web - simply google hunter boots}

Saturday, February 11, 2012

it was all

So I'm feeling a little sentimental, and a little whimsical whilst pursuing my creative endeavours and making logos become functional business realities, here in my studio. So, I thought I'd combine the two with my evident journal of creative ramble and share this print I fancied. Perhaps it'll pull your heart strings too.

Sweet sigh.

get out there!

A snippet of inspiration and motivation.

{found via kaelah b}

before I lay me down to sleep

I must don specs not too unlike these and meet with Mr Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and read all about that Love In The Time Of Cholera.

{You fancy too?}

Friday, February 10, 2012

fotografía friday

Image credits ::  Michael Newby

fotografía friday part six, comes straight from the cockpit of the RAAF Hawk my little brother flew to the red centre of this diverse country I live in.
You can see a 'thumbs up' from my brother and the wondrous, World heritage listed  Uluru on the horizon and the surrounding literally red centre of Australia.
This weekly feature seems to be taking on an aeronautical influence, but the truth is this is simply a great shot - I had to share.

Nice one Mav.

my sound of now

My dear cousin, Casey from Staar Guitar drew my attention to Lana Del Rey some time ago, however it wasn't until I was recently on vacation that this songstress struck some heart strings. Hence, now this EP is My Sound Of Now.

You can find her and her haunting, yet soothing sounds here.

estilo sunday

It's a little late, due to my recent vacation, however, I'd like to introduce another weekly blog installment, for the fashion fiendette's out there. In another creative escapade of various perusals, I came across these sweet, sensual sets by Ulyana Sergeenko. Oh so feminine, with that subtle edge that takes the look that little bit higher.

Do you Vogue, darling?

Old Hollywood, a la Euro influenced glamour?
Premiere worthy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

fotografía friday

Another aerial installment for this week's fotografía friday, was taken on my Christmas break. 'Up where the air is clear, up in the atmosphere!' en route from Brisbane to Inverell. I love the colours in this photo and have to admit I have a secret fascination with clouds. Here they seemed so crisp, light, fluffy, clean and bright. To me they conjure fantasies of kingdoms and lands that we just can't get to... and as a child, I always imagined 'what if I could?'.

A self-confessed cloud gazer. I can't help it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


January saw me jump on the Photo-A-Day band wagon, albeit a little late (I started with Day 8) and so I thought it terribly fitting to give you a recap. From January 8 to 30, take a little peep in the world that encapsulates me.


My Sky
Daily Routine
Where I Sleep
Close Up
What's In My Bag
Something I'm Reading
Something I Bought
Someone I Love
My Shoes
Something Old
Guilty Pleasure
Something I Made
Inside My Fridge

If you've taken on the Photo-A-Day challenge, be sure to send me a link so I can see what you've conjured up! Share the love.


January 30 : Photo-A-Day


Studio bound.

inside my fridge

January 29 : Photo-A-Day

Inside My Fridge

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