Thursday, March 17, 2011

ever so lovable

It's either over-flowing creativity and inspiration, or I'm bordering on delirium... but I have a few wonderful things I'd love to to share with you.
They're too lovely to keep to oneself.
These divine Seville oxfords from Minnie Cooper...
-this inspiring and wonderfully coloured workspace
- the portfolio inspiration I get when I look at this gorgeous design book... great goosebumps!
- this beautiful, bright print by Argentinian artist, Mara Caffarone
- THESE scrumptious looking cupcakes... with oodles of icing. Just how I like it! 
- this beautiful Moon Diamond print from Jason Dean... 
And lastly, the way this photograph from the latest online issue of frankie magazine makes me feel... I can almost smell the wheat crop and feel the gentle warmth of the sun on back.
But, most importantly -
can you feel the love?

{some are found in the space of my heart}

1 comment:

  1. yes I feel the love! that last photo is perfect! xx


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