Thursday, July 29, 2010

f*** you very much

In perusing Hot Pearl Snatch this evening and her latest post, in particular - I have come across and delightful boundary-pushing, amusing, shocking, giggle-worthy blog - fuck you very muchAnd what tops it off is the name, actually... after all fuck you, is the new thankyou.

And I dare say Lily'd be proud.

Go and have a cheeky peek.


What a day this has been -- I love tucking into creative work and researching the day away. Thus, has been today.

Now - to go home and carry on!

Hope you've enjoyed a productive Thursday too. X

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

all mixed up

Current pod playlist ::

1. Ghosts / Laura Marling
2. Something Good Can Work / Two Door Cinema Club
3. Ignorance / Paramore
4. Grandfather Clause / DMT
5. Home / Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
6. Kiss With A Fist / Florence + The Machine
7. Retro, Dance, Freak / Lady Gaga
8. Bright White Lights / Whitley
9. Little Lion Man / Mumford & Sons
10. Jeepers Creepers / Billie Holliday
11. You Are The Best Thing / Ray La Montagne
12. Oh No! / Marina + The Diamonds
13. Walking With A Ghost / Tegan & Sara
14. Love Lost / The Temper Trap
15. Shutterbug feat. Cutty / Big Boi

What's on yours?

{image via}

bohemian evolution

Is this really where bohemia has gone? Where it has evolved to... I'm interested in what you think. As a student at Queensland College of Art, everyday is a visual adventure when it comes to fellow students & academics attire.
Where do you find yourself - quirky or conservative?
Gutsy or gorey?

{all images from MODA magazine - February 2010 via The Served fashion gallery}

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm so excited, and have you lovely followers, friends and family to thank for all the positive feedback on my little blog,
for the quill and ink.
Something I do take seriously and hold close to my heart. For me, this blog is all about creative inspiration, a rant here and there, and an insight into my 24 year old life here in Brisbane Australia. It's also a place where I can share my design and collective (beautiful image hording) talents.
It's been well over a year now, and I'm so proud that my little project is still going strong. I have even managed to inspire some of you good folk -- which to me is an incredible bonus.
I was first inspired to begin my blog when I moved back to my parents house in Inverell, New South Wales in March last year, when I came upon the rockstar diaries. I've mentioned her many times and can't say enough how much I love this blog. Taza, her Husband and Kingsley tell a simple and gorgeous story about life, as they know it - as it is. And it's lovely. From New York to DC their story is always one that grabs my attention. Since then I've been living in Brisbane (again) for just over a year, sometimes you just need a good time-out when life gets a little too hectic - and that's exactly what that three month stint at home did for me. It's the Sunshine State and even though winter has been a little nippy - you be hard pressed to find better weather anywhere else. You should visit sometime!
Being a major twittererererer, I've also gained the following (and follow) some amazing creative people both in Australia and worldwide, and apart from getting a kick out of tweeting, I can't recommend enough what a valuable networking tool this really is -it has coincided with my blog effortlessly. I'm always on the lookout for more inspiring people too, so feel free to send me a link to your blog, webpage or twitter account - I'd love to know what creative talents you have hidden up your sleeve.
It's cheesy, but I always get excited and run to Andy or Amy saying 'I've got a new follower!' accompanied by a wee dance or a huge grin - it truly makes my day.
Forgive my rant, but I'm in such a fine mood today and after an easy day at work, I'm at home in the lounge blogging away in the company of my lil sis and Weasley, that I just had to say
You may not realise it, but having this blog and your following friendships makes the day a little bit brighter.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening. I shall mine.

Friday, July 9, 2010

sub-tropical heart

Falling more in-love with this city that I live in. Old Brisbane town, vibrant BrisVegas... meet you in the Playground?

What's your favourite city or place of residence?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

heart on sleeve

I'm one of those people that wear their heart on their sleeve. It's true, not many moments in my life could deny it. Beit it good or trying times my emotions are tucked in an easy to find pocket, ready at all times.
The last little while has been up and down, and even though my composure comes and goes in waves I know that I've got the heart to turn it around. Finding the balance is my main goal for now. Getting out of bed when the alarm goes off, turning that exhausted grumble into a 'let's take on the day', and learning to make myself happy in most situations. AND more than anything - enjoy life's precious moments with the ones I love. I owe that to myself, and them.
You're probably thinking... where is she going with this post? But what I wanted to do is share these inspiring pictures with you. Ones that have resonated with me today and fit into the picture of  my life right now. I've fallen inlove with the site weheartit, thus these gorgeous images come from here.
It's amazing what little things make you smile and inspire you to be better... in whatever way.
One thing to always remember - whatever your ailment or complex - to keep things in perspective is, you're only human.
But there is always room for improvement. I intend to embark on that improvement journey. Come with?
Here's to waking up happy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Rest, recovery, Revolutionary Road and Ratatouille.

Today was about renewal - getting through the day, aiding the pain and the thoughts that plagued me.

{image via}

Friday, July 2, 2010

that friday feeling

That time of the week again, where you can smell the weekend and in my case - it's only 65 minutes from my grasp.


What are your plans? Mine entail Mother visiting, Aunty & Uncle's Farewell (more appropriately 'BON VOYAGE' - they're moving to France), Saturday shift at The Lido on Racecourse Road... Nick's Birthday Party, a catch-up/farewell drink with Nicole. Pick Weasley up... and,
That's it so far.

However. All I want to do is
enjoy it,
let my hair down
and embrace life as I know it.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your freedom!

{image courtesy of Christopher Hoffman (budding photographer) / model:: Deanne Ash (my friend & his beautiful girlfriend) on a night not so long ago}
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