Thursday, March 24, 2011

un verre de rosé

Label design
Label design
A glass of rosé anyone?

This is the latest weekly assignment submission for my Illustration For Design class (with my acclaimed lecturer/tutor Tara Hale) - a wine bottle label. Any constructive criticism is appreciated... or any feedback for that matter.

The aim was to add an illustrative element to a label that is currently stocked. The original may be found here.
Upon inspection, you can see the appropriated vintage rose pattern and decorative typeface in my design, which embody these brief requirements.

During today's lecture, we also had the pleasure of viewing Tara's original illustrations and conceptual work for The Globe Theatre's current 2011 season. I find it extremely fascinating to see how another creative works, and even more so when you share similar passions. You can check out her talent here.
How's your creative life rolling along?

{Designs ©copyright Chloé Newby 2011}

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