Tuesday, May 24, 2011

je suis fatigue

Marilyn gets it.

{sleepy heart}

utter knitters

I might have a go at this... you too?

sydney, sunday

And so Sunday was the day. The weather promised to be a delightful late Autumn one... and so this is how it began:: 
The day of my Godson-to-be's Baby Shower (or Bath, as baby's don't have showers!). We enjoyed fresh, hand-squeezed orange juice and ricotta pancakes and maple syrup at the Castro's - they roll in organic and culinary fabulousness. They were fab.

The morning continued with nursery/music studio re-arranging and filtering through Baby Expo freebies, watching  Casey and her Dad solder some Alice&Reino jewellery, followed by a Crown Lager and primping and preening for the special occassion.
Here are few more snaps, take note of the gorgeous cake by SweetArt.
En route, to The Victoria Room
Our cosy, yet luxurious corner of The Victoria Room
My first ever Red Velvet Delight cupcake!
The cake

Mama-to-be, cutting the cake to reveal it's rich chocolate innards
The couple were showered with an array of baby gifts, accessories and needs, and most importantly the love of those closest (in Australia). It is delightful to know that Cuzband's family in New York also held a Skype Baby Shower for them aswell.

Ah, family love.
I'm so honoured to be little Jupiter's Godmama.

sydney, saturday night

The weekend just gone, I spent three nights and three days with my lovely cousin and her husband, and the bump that is baby-to-be, Jupiter.
From Friday night dining at Sky Phoenix to many a conversation over Californian red wine, to Saturday morning mani-pedi's in Surry Hills. An afternoon conjuring and co-ordinating surprises, followed by dinner and ice cream in Bondi and a late night Touriste cruise around the city itself.
Temp check.
These days were dandy. Here are a few snaps, via my adored Fi-fi.
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Harbour Bridge southern tower
The Opera House
Luna Park, across the Harbour
Home via Elizabeth Street

More to come.

for. mercy. love.

For Pete's flippin' sake... FML. Everything has gone wrong in the last 48hours from Tiger Airways to the Commonwealth Bank... should I mention that I've been with the CBA for 21years now? WELL. For some reason, all the stars have alligned to set me up for an emotional rollercoaster this week. A challenge - I'm up for, but pleeease - it's the end of semester and I just need my sanity for three more weeks!

Happy Tuesday.
Hope yours is smashing.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


... and saunter along like a broad in brogues.
Love this look... just wish I had longer legs to pull it off so effortlessly. Ah well, back to business as usual.

{hansome heart}

Monday, May 16, 2011

one day

{my hearts singing that song}

some say

... chivalry's not dead.
In this case, I'd agree.

Where is that elusive Prince Charming?

{find yourself some blog love}

state o' mind

This page lost only days ago...

You'll still find me - floating somewhere, there.

{image courtesy pilot magazine}

Thursday, May 12, 2011

twenty days

... until Winter officially graces us with its presence - but I believe Snuggle Season has already arrived.
Me, moments ago. PhotoBooth freshhh.
Loving this cooler weather.

Night all.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

smack that

A new sensual smacker find - Coco Chanel Rouge.
Oh. Yes please.

{a ruffled heart}


In researching a current uni assignment, I have come across some amazing mixed media pieces by Matthew Cusick. Being a cartographer and designer, you can see why I have found resonance and simply admire these works.
Red & Blue, c.2010 
Charlie's Angels, c. 2009 
Geronimo (Detail), c. 2007 
Bonnie, c.2004 
Transamerican, c.2004 
Many Rivers, c. 2009
Kara's Wave, c. 2009 
Fiona's Wave, c. 2006
Colony, c. 2009

Ya dig?

I'm a portraiture enthusiast, but the waves here are my favourite. Must be the Piscean in me.

{matthew cusick}

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

alex, the oenologist

Nearly everyone has a friend that considers themselves an oenologist, but - do you have one that is 29 and still cool enough to ride a stunt bike, mountain bike and unicycle in the back lanes and not care. He may even have a few sic tricks up his sleeve.

I do. His name is Alex, and I think this sort of thing would be right up his alley.
What do you think Al, pal?

{you can get your essential accessories, here}

Monday, May 9, 2011

just because

... she can.
I'm on a bit of an emotional, influential roll just now... and Adele's music and certainly what I know of her strength of character, play a rather loud and flamboyant part in my earphones, and my life at the moment. Consequently, making me want to live in such a vivacious fashion.
A dream of mine would be to get up on stage at a swanky, classy, dimlit jazz lounge and belt one of her tunes out, flawful yet flawless - giving it all the emotion and heart I could muster.

When someone can evoke that in your soul - they're definitely doing something right.

Rumour has it...
{I want to be a Siren}

af-Ford-able affair

Tom Ford
Amazing, effluent Fashion Designer Tom Ford... emanates sex appeal and cheeky charisma. Not only is his creative work fabulous...
If only he wasn't gay... OH my!

Coffee break anyone?

{I found this pin in my chest}

Sunday, May 8, 2011

state of awe

Rugged up, in on a Sunday night, watching Gaga's concert at Madison Square Garden NYC.
This 'bitch is amazing. What hasn't she done, seriously?
Inspired by her sense of self, desire, undeniable talent (is it too much to call her a pop genius yet?) and drive.

I'm a Monser.

Show me your teeth.

{heart gone gaga}

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Fresh from these creative hands:
Clare Bowditch
Coloured pencil on paper.
Circa 2011. Copyright Chloé Jane Newby.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

on another note...


{haughty heart}


... I feel like donning just this;
Studded Mickey Mouse Club hat
Hot shades and Lady Danger lips
Shorty McShort studded denim shorts
  ... while driving this -
all to take a ride on this;
What's gotten into me you say? I don't know...
perhaps I've forgotten it's not summer and this ain't L.A.
Oh well.

's how I feel.
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