Tuesday, March 15, 2011

resolute resonance

Maybe this will reach you. Maybe it won't.
But I know, you know who you are.
But what I need to tell you, is Julia Stone spoke to me tonight - through her lyrics for 'Where Does The Love Go?'. With this resonance, I have added my own heart shavings.

If you will, read on... and perhaps listen to her gorgeous melody.

Where Does The Love Go? by Julia Stone

Love comes and goes,
like He knows
what He wants to do.

It's here, then it's there -
doesn't really seem to care,
if I'm in, or out with you.

We're lovers today,
then it changes
in the blink of an eye.

And I would stand here forever,
if I believed I could ever
feel the same way again,
in time.

Where does the love go?
Go, go?

Love comes and goes,
like He's got somewhere else
He needs to be.

And He rushes out the door
before I get the chance -
to ask Love,
'why... he wants, to leave?' 

And your standing over there
with my father,
on the wrong side of the room.

And something inside me dies
and I, I wish I could feel
the way I used to -
but I don't.

Where does the love go?
Where does the love go?
Go, go, go?

Love comes and goes,
like He's got another home
away from me.

Got a spare set of keys
and a house on the beach...
I know, I know.

Well Love, He gets tired
and He decides to run away,
run away, run away.

He leaves me standing here
with your broken heart...
what can I say?
Tell me what can I say?

Where does the love go?

Where does it go...
this I don't know.
Some parts are hard to recall.
But your resolution,
seems to be your resolve.
What can I change?
You won't respond or hear
what I have to say.
Get angry, get even,
tell me you hearts hardest thoughts...
if you can.
Just be who you say you are.

This song I love, but the resonance has played over and over in my heart today. Turn the music up, and hear what it has to say.

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