Sunday, March 6, 2011

all it is

All it is, is Sunday.

The first weekend I've had to relax and get ahead in a long time - I feel like I'm talking before Christmas, and so much has happened since then.

Today is breezy with patches of cloud, patches of sunshine. My bedroom come studio blinds are open and up. Brandi Carlile is singing away via Madeline (my MacBook Pro) and I had the loveliest sleep-in in years. It's true.

Lunch plans were cancelled, so I'm going to take full advantage of the day with reading, writing, studying, relaxing and baking (scones - how I can't wait for the smell to fill my home!).
Followed by catch-up chats with friends throughout the evening and my third day of my Wii fitness adventure.
It is Sunday, and it is good.

I finished another novel this morning, and as far as my reading goal goes (to read 24 by the end of the year - the same as last year), I am well on track. A total of 13 books, so far. I await two novels in the post from the Book Depository in the UK, so today will be all about typography, visual rhetoric and a catch-up on my last frankie magazine.

Finally, I have something to share on this blog, albeit the movements of everyday life - it is something nonetheless.

And so autumn is here, and todays weather is definitely much more bearable than the week past, so I'd like to welcome autumn whole-heartedly. There is a content I feel in this season unlike any other during the year. Perhaps it's the colours, the cool  crispness, the ease of sleep and the beginning of snuggle season,  the feeling of home that comes so vividly with all of the above.

Easter - a holiday I can't wait for. Seven weeks away, but the reward of five days at home with my parents, brother, sister and our gorgeous family dog, Spitfire. Perhaps cousin & cuzband will join the holiday too, as they did last year - that would be divine.

As I look at my Beatrix Potter calendar (yes, I'm in love with the illustrations that appeared so fondly in my childhood), I wonder what wonderful things your Sunday entails...

I hope it's happy, productive and seasonally sound.

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