Monday, January 10, 2011

moment in time

I recently came across this piece of writing whilst beginning the spring clean of my mac... and what a process that is!
I'm not sure when it was written, it is untitled. Perhaps the appropriate title is 'Moment In Time', just like this blog post, as this is what it signifies.
It can't be that long ago - my only way of knowing this is because of where it was saved in my documents.

So, for the sake of sharing my creative soul, here you go.

Moment In Time Chloé Newby

I have a bleeding heart
My mind is wandering.
Did I make that first incision
my consciousness is gone.
Swimming in the thoughts in my head.
My heart cries out for you
my body longs to held by yours.
I can hear them in the background
Pan-flutes like this song I hear
Singing my song, calling for you
When does the recovery start?
When do you smile like you did
the day before.
My heart weeps, praying.
Indeliable my change has been
since my whole met yours.

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