Friday, January 28, 2011

a little free-verse

Keep walking (Endlessly) Chloé Newby

Walking alone,
through a half-lit
Tents and sparkling light,
thoughts of you
fill my mind.

This creative wonder
I stroll through.
The fog lifting, maybe.
I can still see into
the near future.

But what this is --
is a wonder.
And I am wondering.

Calm enough
in my own skin.
Yet restless to
reside where I am.
My heart itches
and my spine tingles.

Shivers, that sprinkle
like glitter
across my back.
I pull my coat tighter.
Hood over my hair,
the gravel and grass
line my path.

My mind circles my head,
while my heart
flits, dipping like a Swallow.
Only to rest on the
branch, that is young
and yet to shoot...

To the stars, who knows.
If only to sit
amongst the celestial
beauty of clouds.
They say they'll be proud.

I keep on walking.
It's dusk - more twilight.
The glow grows stronger --
the twinkle, my guiding light.
My soul, heart,
life burns brighter.
Into the night.

There's never a conclusion.
Only a feeling, of
a moment in time.
Keep walking, burning
creative desire.

{i heart that}

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