Tuesday, January 25, 2011

those things

I'm sitting at my desk here at work this Australia Day Eve and have the urge to share with you something simple... plainly, the things that I love. Things that have recently made me smile, lit that creative fire, soothed my soul and ultimately made my world go 'round that little bit easier.

Things like...
>  my Beatrix Potter mug nestled amongst days work. The warmth of the sweet tea and those illustrations that evoke childhood memories add a pleasant nostalgia to my Tuesday morning.
{image via google images}
> listening to Adele's second album, 21. With music that captures your heart within the first few bars, leaving an impression that lingers long after. At the moment I've been taken away by her cover of Brandi Carlile's 'Hiding My Heart' - a song that takes me back to one of the hardest, yet most important times in my life in 2009. I was at my parent's in Inverell.
Home is such a good place to be. I can't wait for Easter. Inverell is such a beautiful place as the season turns, the liquid amber leaves start to illuminate and autumn colours your immediate world.
> I'm getting a few more hip shots in {the ol' point & shoot}, in my recent adventures. This one I love. My sister thinks I'm strange, but I love this shopping centre billboard. There's something whimsical, hippy, yet chic, contradicting and ever so artistic about it.
> I attended a festival with my little sister {our first together}, Amy over the weekend - the 2010 Gold Coast Big Day Out. This was taken as the afternoon sun gave us a little reprieve and the always amazing, show-stopping John Butler Trio took to the Orange Stage.
> My gorgeous cousin and mama-to-be, Casey, sends me pictures of the delicious sponge cakes she's baking on her days off while I'm at work. All amongst a myriad of tweets and emails of course! I told you - it's all about what makes your day that little bit brighter, and yummier!

> speaking of the said festival, I got to witness a band I have been hanging out to see for quite some time.
{image found on my heart}
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
I had to leave the JBT set to catch their gig, by myself, but I was surely not disappointed. A little self-conscious to begin with... then the inhibitions were let loose and I grooved, bumped, jumped and skipped around to the ecclectic sounds and entertaining antics of Mr Sharpe and his entourage.

> and before I blog about the next thing that pulls on my heart strings, in my lunch break I read two of Emma Magenta's gorgeous little books, and on the final page of A Gorgeous Sense Of Hope I came across the sweetest moment...
Perhaps this is where I'm at right now.

Let's see if you're mapped in.

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