Friday, July 9, 2010

sub-tropical heart

Falling more in-love with this city that I live in. Old Brisbane town, vibrant BrisVegas... meet you in the Playground?

What's your favourite city or place of residence?


  1. super cute bokeh on that pic! feeling the same about Brisbane especially with the possibility of moving away at the end of the year. So much still to explore :)

  2. Ohhhh... where to? Been living here for nearly six years, and feel like I've just dipped my big toe in the pool of discovery! Corny? True!

  3. So there I was searching for blogs called The Quill to see how original I was in naming my blog...and this one popped up. I will admit, yours is damn cool. I am impressed. And it is relevant.

    I can tell you that all the way from South Africa, I think your quill is the shizzz!

    Keep it up...

    And I just became a follower... =)

  4. Wow, thankyou Remy! Shall have a squiz at your quill too :)


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