Thursday, July 8, 2010

heart on sleeve

I'm one of those people that wear their heart on their sleeve. It's true, not many moments in my life could deny it. Beit it good or trying times my emotions are tucked in an easy to find pocket, ready at all times.
The last little while has been up and down, and even though my composure comes and goes in waves I know that I've got the heart to turn it around. Finding the balance is my main goal for now. Getting out of bed when the alarm goes off, turning that exhausted grumble into a 'let's take on the day', and learning to make myself happy in most situations. AND more than anything - enjoy life's precious moments with the ones I love. I owe that to myself, and them.
You're probably thinking... where is she going with this post? But what I wanted to do is share these inspiring pictures with you. Ones that have resonated with me today and fit into the picture of  my life right now. I've fallen inlove with the site weheartit, thus these gorgeous images come from here.
It's amazing what little things make you smile and inspire you to be better... in whatever way.
One thing to always remember - whatever your ailment or complex - to keep things in perspective is, you're only human.
But there is always room for improvement. I intend to embark on that improvement journey. Come with?
Here's to waking up happy.

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