Friday, July 2, 2010

that friday feeling

That time of the week again, where you can smell the weekend and in my case - it's only 65 minutes from my grasp.


What are your plans? Mine entail Mother visiting, Aunty & Uncle's Farewell (more appropriately 'BON VOYAGE' - they're moving to France), Saturday shift at The Lido on Racecourse Road... Nick's Birthday Party, a catch-up/farewell drink with Nicole. Pick Weasley up... and,
That's it so far.

However. All I want to do is
enjoy it,
let my hair down
and embrace life as I know it.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your freedom!

{image courtesy of Christopher Hoffman (budding photographer) / model:: Deanne Ash (my friend & his beautiful girlfriend) on a night not so long ago}

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