Thursday, December 27, 2012

post joyeaux noël

How was your Christmas? Mine involved a stop-over from the parents on their way to Adelaide on the Eve and Christmas Day festivities with the Boyfriend, brother and sister. An easy wake-up and gathering around the tree to wish one another a Merry Christmas and see what the Big Man & loved ones had so kindly left for us. We all did very well and sat around with a feast fit for a gorgeous summer Christmas and a drink or two enjoying one another's good company.
A few phonecalls to and fro with the rellies and the day was made. Whilst we 'tried' to lay off the technology for the day... here are a few happy snaps from my iPhone.

The Newby siblings.
BF & Brosef.
Stunning wee sis, festively clad.
Christmas Day evening view.
Festive Frangipanis - handpicked by the BF.

I do hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas.

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow - a sweet vacay with that one I... y'know - think is the bees knees. What are your New Year's plans?

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