Thursday, December 20, 2012


It's Thursday, it's summer - it's warm, but not totally uncomfortable. There is a pleasant little breeze that pops through my kitchen as I'm multi-tasking many a thing.

In light of a recent lay-off from my job in the design world (due to co. financial issues - it's tough out there!) I have resolved to keep my hands busy and my mind creative so as to not lose too much steam and keep one's soul happy.

Yesterday, I made a quirky little 'tongue in cheek' calendar (collaboration with the BF), today I'm trawling the world wide web for the perfect font for a logotype, whilst making shortbread and conjuring up sweet packaging concepts for said products. I'm quite liking my at-home baking experiences of late and pondering the idea of markets in the future. But let's just test run these delicious treats first - it's a little exciting! ;)

Last week's success was my gingerbread men and mango chutney. I cooked up a batch of gingerbread men and took a jar of chutney to the Boyf's house Christmas dinner, and to my surprised delight it was a hit! I've never cooked anything so fancy before and feel this may have ignited a little flame of passionate curiosity for the kitchen. Especially when you see those around you enjoying it.

This year will see a small Christmas at home with the BF, brother and sister. My parents will be in Adelaide, so the success of Christmas lunch and dinner rests with us. We have the turkey and ham (and mango chutney), we will have the gingerbread men and shortbread, but the rest is something I'm looking forward to putting together. Summer salads and seafood perfectly matched with our drinks and refreshments of choice. Let's hope there is a gorgeous breeze to accompany the day!

It's nice to be able to focus a little more on the blog aswell, despite the employment situation is not ideal. I am really looking forward to establishing more freelance opportunities and seeing what else is out there. In the meantime, creative freedom is here. Time to extend one's creative abilities, to collaborate and enjoy the summer season.

Mixing the butter, sugar and flour. 
The Christmas ingredients - cranberries, almonds, pistachios and white chocolate!
Where it all comes together. Cookie cutters galore! 
My festive oven mit ready to take the first batch out of the oven! 
My first batch of Christmas Shortbread is a success. Huzzah!

What are your plans for Christmas? Not many sleeps now!

Happy Thursday.


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