Friday, December 7, 2012

i am grateful

I've thought it's about time to share some of my photos taken for the I am grateful challenge. It's funny (and a little cliche perhaps) how the simplest things really do bring you the most happiness. From the blessing of embarking on a brand new day, to picking veggies of an evening - for these simple pleasures you have to be grateful.
Morning : Waking to a Brand New Day #iamgrateful
Purchase : a box of mystery goodies from The Fancy #iamgrateful
Food : These delicious lo-carb protein bars. The perfect office snack! #iamgrateful
Routine : Picking up the BF, admiring the subtle festivities of Riparian Plaza #iamgrateful
Warmth : amazing phonecalls from my cousin Casey Staar #iamgrateful
Food : Sweet sister time. Priceless. #iamgrateful
Quiet time : Finishing The Book Thief #iamgrateful
Routine : Our first 'big'harvest #iamgrateful
Gift : Sunshine yellow lillies, from the Boyf. #iamgrateful
Weakness : Movember lasted a little longer than expected. Loves it. #iamgrateful
Excitement : Receiving more snail mail from the North Pole. #iamgrateful
Experience : My workspace. Flowers, art & design. #iamgrateful

Counting blessings.

Next instalment to come soon.

Happy Friday

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