Thursday, June 2, 2011


Bonjour Juin.
Month number six - you are here.
You can believe it less than I.

What does this month hold? A Godson to be born healthy and happy into this world, a semester of study to pass with flying colours of fantastic achievements, the cooler weather to breeze past your nose in the morning, and life to continue and be known as the second half of 2011. It has flown, and there is much more to cram into the year before the count is over.

My... where do you begin? I have an innate desire to be lost between the pages of novels, to re-ignite The Book Club and finally get For The Quill And Ink off the ground as an entity - just quietly, I'm over talking about it... and I'm sure you'e sick of listening to the pipedream remain semi-stagnant.

Brisbane, the winter here is debatable with regard to the truly mild one we tend to experience.
But June, what is it that makes me want to take this time out for you?
You take me back to hockey games in Armidale, early morning bus rides, toast and porridge and weekend family breakfasts at home. Spitfire (our dog) baking herself in the sun... my dressing gown, my uggs. The sub-zero temperatures when we visit the place (my parent's) that I will always call home.
My Sundays playing Golf, walking hill after hill... to hack through a rough of fallen leaves and sink via a silky smooth, evening dew adorned green.
These are only some of the feelings that conjure my June.

The meaning of June will surely change... but when it does the memories may be saved here.

Happy second day of this sixth month.

There is nothing like an Australian winter sunrise.

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