Sunday, June 19, 2011

glasgow to inverell

From Glasgow 1926, to Inverell 1992, the following crests represent the Newby family. (Only one side of my gorgeous family)
Using maps, typography, handwriting and inherent symbolism each crest has a story to tell.
The Birth of a Patriarch
- represents the birth of my Grandfather in Glasgow, 1926.
Patriarch & Matriarch
- represents the marriage of my grandparents in Wolsingham,
Durham County, England in 1947.
JAN the Second
- represents the birth of my father,
who holds the same initials as his father (a short lived tradition),
in Wolsingham, England 1954. 
Angelina Lauro
- represents the immigration of six Newby's from Southampton,
England to Perth Australia on the MV Angelina Lauro, in 1969.
John & Julianne
- represents the marriage of my parents in Armidale,
New South Wales, Australia, in 1982.
- represents the last year both my grandparents were
with us other five Newby's residing in Inverell.
Potential for many more.
Any questions, feedback - hit me here.

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