Thursday, April 22, 2010

serving you with, only the best

'Served' with the latest creative finds by The Cool Hunter earlier today, I was presented with the GORGEOUS typography book created by Jackson Cook.

The type inset goes like so:
This book was a project for my Advanced Typography class at SUNY Purchase College. The assignment was to simply create a book about typography, using appropriated text from other sources. The layout and example paragraphs was entirely up to the class to decide for themselves. I decided to draw inspiration from old wanted posters, and victorian typography for my book to create an old western feel to the book. I tried to make the project an exercise in creating as much contrast and color on the page, without actually using any color.

Isn't it funky? Tres cool.
Sourcing more end of year portfolio inspiration. If you've got any cool links - email or twitter me!

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