Friday, April 9, 2010

another late night

The reason for my late and restless nights of recent have been due to my flu I 'miraculously' caught (Pah!), however, it has given me plenty of time to think when I simply haven't had the energy to do much else. So I'm contemplating on sharing some of my old illustrations with you... should I? I'm not sure. I mean one of the reasons to have an artistically inspired blog would be to promote oneself would you not think? Silly question. Anyway. My aim is to share a few pieces of me with you lovely folk over the next short while. I've also been inspired by the lovely Meet Me At Mike's craft book and may take on a Julie/Julia project in the not too distant futures with craft projects... it's in the pipeline anyway.
Love, like, or otherwise - let me know your thoughts - I've got a thick skin (I think) and would love to know anyway.

Bonsoir X

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