Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I tend to sit at work, or wherever and conjure all these ideas, muses, THINGS that I'd like to share here on this Untitled Creative Journal and so upon going through the 'horded' files on my Mads here - it's about time I put them up.

Interesting or not. Once, they were.

I really want to paint one of the walls on my balcony with chalkboard paint like this... add in a couple of plants, some 'erbs and a bird.

Lagerfield... Germany's finest fashion-everything?
Well, he's certainly got this Alice In Wonderland theme down-pat... Perhaps he should have come to my party?

In the early days of my quill obsession...

I'm still yet to really create an identity for my freelance company, For The Quill And Ink, though don't you always find yourself the most self-critical? I'm not that makes sense, but it always hard to capture all of your essence... you always want to add something more. Like, should I keep 'For The Quill And Ink' for my own personal rambling and muses and think of another company name OR roll with what I first loved...?

Ahhh... creative soul that can't make a decision? Mmm-hmph.

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