Tuesday, April 12, 2011

freudian paradise

I had the most bazaar dream last night... drug dealers, swimming pools, uni friends, being chased. Bumping into old school friends, talking about the apocalypse. Alice-esque blue pinafore dresses, my hometown, my brother and sister, black cows that can swim under water.
Yellow under-garments and headbands, crossing the weir, being kidnapped by my brother and sister in my old red ute, to head for the safety of home. 
Bikinis, chicken fillets, strange houses, bathrooms and going off to swim in the Macintyre river at home... me, guiding the way to the 'best spot'.

No idea, absolutely NO IDEA.
I shall have to analyse this one, with my trusty dream dictionary.

My mind is perhaps on creative overdrive?

How do you make sense of your nightly subconscious escapades?

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