Monday, April 4, 2011

bienvenue avril

It's April, c'est Avril!
Can you believe it? Already?
Well, I think it's divine. Autumn will finally arrive... and I am ever so glad. It'll be a little windier, a little cooler and the world will be filled with colour. Those beautiful hues of autumn... fall if you will.
Easter is upon us soon, and it will be time spent with family. How excited I am for five days of this.
The Easter bunny shall visit (yes, he still visits me), a religious holiday will be mourned and celebrated, hot cross buns and creme eggs will be eaten... hahhh - three weeks to go!
Through found images, I'd like to share things that I love about April, this time of year and things that just seem to fit the theme.
Dear Peter Rabbit.
Leaves on the plain trees turning in Inverell. My hometown.
Easter egg hunts, country lanes and wicker baskets.
Toy bunnies and real bunnies... little biddy ones.
Autumn leaves...
... worn, leaf-crunching Mary Janes.
This collection of autumn-inspired creative tid-bits.
Enjoying good books, immersed in autumn.
Wee owls.
This charming and mysterious illustration.
Bookshops, bicycles and rain.
And listening to Laura Marling.
A Happy Monday and an amazing April ahead to you, and you and you.

{images found here, and here}

1 comment:

  1. I love this. I have read and re-read and drooled over the adorable pictures.

    The leaves don't change like they do at home. It's not quite the same


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