Wednesday, October 27, 2010

long time, too long

It is true, I shan't deny - it has been too long between posts. And an interesting one at that. Well, in my opinion, a little bit of depth never goes astray right?

Life has been a whirlwind for the last couple of months, full of positives, negatives and the inevitable maybe. There's that defiant saying that 'maybe means no', and unfortunately I'm unable to determine which way this maybe of mine is leaning.

My body's going crazy and my mind refuses to get a full, rested nights sleep six nights out of seven. Joyous. But I can't say all is bad. It simply isn't.

I have reunited with old girlfriends, made wonderful new like-minded friends (where the company is so easy, I love it) and partied a little like it's 1999... or there was never going to be a tomorrow. One of those recovery slash 'moving right-along' phases I think!

I have a great little sister and our friendship has blossomed - we are so similar... yet so very different.

And of course there's my wonderful Ya-Ya's - Jess, Janelle, Wendy, Riham and Casey (my gorgeous cousin). These lovely ladies are my stone. My Hard ROCK café... ready at anytime for a coffee, or a drink - but most importantly a never wavering friendship.

I think I'm at a crossroads where life is poking me in the back... not with a gun, but a particularly sharp fingernail, urging me to make some radical and exciting (or scary) changes. My sea legs have sprouted and the rest of the world is calling, and for the quill and ink yearns to take-off. I have much to do!

Cull the crap, clean out that friend closet (until it's sparkling... ooh a lovely spit shine finish) and take on the things that excite me.

There's a way to go. But I have to persevere.

You, my lovely readers, are probably sitting there going - we've all heard the same speech be-it inside your own head or from someone who cares - my aim is to sort it out. 24 isn't terribly young now is it? Well, it is - but I believe I'm having a mid-20's  semi-crisis.

Time to get a move on.
I guess that's enough depth for you?

I'll leave you with a gorgeous picture of my cousin, Casey (Ya-Ya love) when she was a wee one... before she learnt how to torture me as a child ;) Haha, ahhh.

There's nothing like positive people in your life, with wisdom and understanding. Thankyou for being there cousin. Love.

{image stolen from her twitter}

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