Tuesday, October 19, 2010

rock or roll

Channelling Gwen Stefani's funk and hairstyle glory for my Halloween event.
1940's Army pin-up girl, come rockn' rolla.

Thoughts? Suggestions? My hair is 'this' long (see below) - so I'm looking for 'do-able'...


  1. ooo so excited to see you done up all 'pin up'! Unfortunately I have no idea how to do hair like that (except to rope in a favour if you have a hairdresser friend) cause if I did my hair would be like this all the time!

    Just had a revelation for a costume idea (which is good as I don't think it would have been appropriate to come to your party pants-less as lady gaga haha).

  2. actually... there are heaps of tutorials on youtube. Can you please teach me when you learn? haha



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