Friday, August 7, 2009


Poetry - therapy for the soul.

I wrote this piece whilst at work today. It's amazing how some days the words literally fall onto the page and when you read them back, you gasp and smile at what it means to you. So another installment of what is ticking over and over in my little head, it simply had to come out.

[as yet untitled... perhaps you could think of a title?]

I feel a bit sick with this reality.
You don't know, you couldn't
know how I am...
I don't even know, couldn't
know if you're alive.
What a sickening way
to fall out of love.
Betrayal and abandonment
of a true heart -
we will remain, apart.

I had a little world with you.
Now I realise -
it was just you.
How untrue, to self, to life
I have been.
My heart is now
under lock and key.
Don't attempt to find it,
it has found me,
And I am King -
I am the Queen.

I've been waiting,
for faith to come alive.
To believe you're not a lie.
But my hopes, my health
hath sunk.
And so I slipped into an
ever hopeful stupor.
Relapse to re-evaluation,
over-analysis and under-nourishment.
My whole has suffered,
but my strength
will build that fortress wall.

It is my triumph - your fall.

Chloé Jane
7 August 2009

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