Saturday, August 15, 2009


My room is finally the creative space I need it to be. I have adorned my walls with my art and inspiring pieces from admired artists, as well as a few memorable photographs to keep me positive through my working moments.

At home today, then off for a business/social (it's always social) meeting with Jess, and then off to watch my old hockey team play this afternoon. I miss playing so much - I can't wait to be there cheering them on!

Uni and Oliver Twist both beckon for my attention and the temptation of Sportgirl shopping is drawing me in. But I must say NO, today at least - even to the gorgeous new in-store arrivals... I'm already conjuring up amazing outfits in my mind with each of these desired accessories. Hopeless! Haha. Confessions of a shopaholic? Perhaps...

And so I have many a thing to do today. I must be off!

Happy Saturday!

OH! and I would like wish my beautiful cousin, Casey and her fiancé Dave, a GORGEOUS WEDDING this Saturday in New York City. May love follow you around every corner!
Love you!

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