Wednesday, May 13, 2009

can't seem to let it go

I wrote a poem late one night in the January just gone. The lines were simply rolling out of my head, and I was jotting them down as quick as possible... to the point I thought, once finished, it will make no sense. But to my delight it did! The poem resonates with feelings I experienced then, however I still feel a great connection to the words now. Can't seem to let it go.

Read on.

Turbulent paint

Flow with it down the river
We'll scoop it
To savour this time
And it's reflection
Your face I'll see in it
White & light blue
And iridescent turquoise
Captures my heart
My eyes don't want to leave it
Rolling on
I feel myself sailing out to sea
Sail away with me?
United solitude
A quest of two hearts
To be together
To know one another in
Absolute entirety
Sun soaked intimacy
Seduced by the isolation
Escape from the world that
Tends to taint love
Here we will paint
To two content souls
To ebb and flow
To become the turbulence
Passion and excitement as
Our world is enriched with colour

by Chloé Jane
23 January 2009

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