Sunday, February 12, 2012

estilo sunday

I first saw these on the subway in New York City, now - I covet them. There's just something about them - comfy, rustic, fitting that alternative fashionista trend.
I know it's summer here in Australia... but I really, really want a pair. From Princess Di, to Kate Moss and the average Jane, they seem to be striking a rather fashion forward yet British-traditionalist chord.
Whatever your colour or cause - festivals, city block-hopping, mountain trekking, puddle-jumping or trend-setting - there's sure to be a style for you. From collaborations with Jimmy Choo, to short, heeled and snow styles; you can team these with Hunter's signature line of wellie socks to keep your toes even warmer.

These green Original Talls are just my caper.

They could take me anywhere, and I dare say I need a pair of wish wellingtons. You can find them and all their counterparts here.

{images found all over the world wide web - simply google hunter boots}

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