Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sydney, sunday

And so Sunday was the day. The weather promised to be a delightful late Autumn one... and so this is how it began:: 
The day of my Godson-to-be's Baby Shower (or Bath, as baby's don't have showers!). We enjoyed fresh, hand-squeezed orange juice and ricotta pancakes and maple syrup at the Castro's - they roll in organic and culinary fabulousness. They were fab.

The morning continued with nursery/music studio re-arranging and filtering through Baby Expo freebies, watching  Casey and her Dad solder some Alice&Reino jewellery, followed by a Crown Lager and primping and preening for the special occassion.
Here are few more snaps, take note of the gorgeous cake by SweetArt.
En route, to The Victoria Room
Our cosy, yet luxurious corner of The Victoria Room
My first ever Red Velvet Delight cupcake!
The cake

Mama-to-be, cutting the cake to reveal it's rich chocolate innards
The couple were showered with an array of baby gifts, accessories and needs, and most importantly the love of those closest (in Australia). It is delightful to know that Cuzband's family in New York also held a Skype Baby Shower for them aswell.

Ah, family love.
I'm so honoured to be little Jupiter's Godmama.

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  1. It took me a while to realize that the temperature was in celsius. I thought, "wow I had no idea it got that COLD in Australia."


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