Thursday, November 4, 2010

own worst critic

Lately I've been getting a little Photoshop crazy. You've probably noticed if we're connected on facebook or twitter, however, it is due to my love of the Photoshop iPhone app.
It is such a wonderful, handy little app that allows me to unleash a little creativity - in the most awkward places and moments in time... take a boring conversation for example. Kidding! No really, it does keep me entertained however. That design nerd is definitely surfacing of late.

As you can see all subject matter tends to be of myself... no, it's not for vain reasons (contrary to popular belief), but it allows me to be my own worst critic. It's easier when it's a personal piece - the chances of offending someone else decrease greatly.

So here is where I put it to you...
what do you think??
It's not fabulous, nor particularly refined... but I like the aura they kind of emanate...
The centre picture I'm thinking of printing and sketching/painting more detailed elements on...

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, along with tips.

Creative freedom... love it.

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