Wednesday, February 10, 2010

nearly 24, chloé jane

So many things on my mind... so I've taken the time share; eeni-meeni-miini-MOH!
Check out Alicia's blog. I long to be invited to fashion runway previews... see her Sportsgirl A/W write-up.
Thinking I need to vamp up this blog with some funky illustrations and headers such as the one above.

I want to invite Florence to my Wonderland Tea Party. But alas, her Lungs album will have to do.

I can't stop conjuring ideas and dreaming of the perfect Mad Hatter tea party cake...
{image sourced via googleimages}

A possible look for the Birthday Girl, thanks to Bardot - simply replace those platinum locks with a wild red bob!
Oh! The fantasy... One could only want to escape, to lounge and drink cocktails in teacups whilst devouring magical cupcakes and unleashing your alter ego.

{photography: Alley Kat Photography}

No doubt I'll have more to add soon... but for now, best get back to work!

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