Sunday, December 18, 2011


It is December 18th, and it has been far too long between posts. Far too long. This evening, I have been to the cinemas with my sister to watch 'Arthur Christmas' in the true Christmas spirit that us Newby's truly harbour; and now - right this very moment, I am sitting on my couch, Christmas lights on, 'Must Love Dogs' on the television (now The Family Stone - Christmas again), sister watching rugged up on the floor, while I've been revisiting my whirlwind trip to New York City with a highlighter and my lonely planet City Guide.
It has been two weeks and three days since I've been back in Brisbane. It's surreal. It's been challenging, with much pining and a few tears, but overall trying to keep all those gorgeous moments and memories in the forefront of my mind as I've got back to the daily grind. You can see some of photos in my new york tab, here on my blog.
It's amazing how this year has flown... putting all the events and happenings into perspective and taking a little time to reflect and see how one's grown. This has been the most time I've had to just 'stop' in quite some time here at home. It's giving me a feeling of contentment, in a time that has been chaotic with work, emotion and that Christmas Shopping list. The Shopping List I can finally tick off - it's complete. But that's just it isn't it - 
'The Universe lets your heart expand and grow a little bigger with every trial and challenge.'
I have become a Godmother, I've been to New York and the USA for the very first time, I've fallen in-love, I travelled for Love, my Degree is just about done (paper in June 2012), I've moved apartment, my creative aspirations are slowly but surely coming closer to that reality I wish to grasp. I've been to weddings of Family and friends, had hours long phone calls with friends I haven't seen in years out of the blue, had friends visit from distant countries, and am about to reunite with another for New Year after far too long. But these are just a few of the notable moments of 2011 - Christmas is to come. The family will all be home. The Curries, The Newby's the cats and dog. Summer, the smell of home and the luxury of being all together at that marvellous time of year.
I'm a romantic, I know. I love Love. I believe it can bring out the best of You, and others to the forefront of existence and there should be more shared around. It brings out true character many so often repress. It will take to You places you never thought you'd go, let you feel things you thought were reserved for fairytales or to encourage the faint-hearted.
So without further ado, I'll dedicate this night, this post to the part of 2011 that has past and the best it's brought out in all of Us. To the things that have made you go 'Ahhh'. The things that inspired you to take on Life without fear, guns ablaze.
I'll keep them in my holster for now, but I hope you can sit back and reflect on the things that changed you for the better, brought out the best in you this year and that you make the most of the couple of weeks to come.

 Have a wonderful Sunday.

Sometimes maybe I get carried away, perhaps it's the dreamer, the lover, the romantic, but if for nothing else - you've got to jot those memories down.

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