Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm having a seriously productive slash now, UNPRODUCTIVE day on my EKKA public holiday. For some reason (rubbish food, I dare say) I'm feeling a little queasy in the belly and having a bit of a creative block.

My mood's probably not aided by the grey day we've had here in Brisbane or the grey and black ensemble I've chosen to wear today... which actually brings me to my next (important) train of thought. In studying Colour In Context at uni, I'm embarking on a colour psychology project in which I'm intending to study the relationship between mood and colour, in particular clothing and/or fashion. So basically, how it makes you feel.
If you wear lots of red - are you outgoing, loud and boisterous? Yellow - a happy soul? Orange - exotic, warm and generous? And the list goes on. 
These are stereotypes, however  am interested in the real outcomes. So I will be putting a survey together and emailing many people to get feedback - and also conducting an experiment or two myself.

If you can, or would like to take part in my survey, please email your interest to

And, so for your visual curiosity... I've some gorgeous colourful images courtesy of mishy lane and her darling blog.
Feast your eyes on this colour explosion!

Let me know how they make you feel!

OH, to be so bold!

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