Friday, May 21, 2010


Four hours sleep after a freelance job last night, and this nightowl if functioning surprisingly well. A spritely wake-up call from the lil sis (door flung open and blinding light switched on), and my day began.
Checked tights, a funky black dress, grey cardi, Burberry scarf, red nails, red patent ballet flats, a slick of mascara, rouge and Lady Danger (see fabulous lipstick below) - and I was dressed and ready to take on this rainy Brisbane day.

 Bummed that I couldn't wear my brand new Oxfords from Down The Rabbit Hole (sale on now!), due to the weather - I resorted to admired them all pristine in their box... and sourced this photo to ease the pain.
No, really. Marina and her Diamonds also helped vamp up my morning soundtrack with The Family Jewels, nibbling ever so nicely on my earphones. Doesn't make sense? See for yourself --
Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase come to Brisbane!
Loving the fact that she was rocking my morning, I had wander through and stumbled across this awesome image. I'm not sure who it's by, but I like it so much I wish to frame it in a polaroid-esque fashion and stick it on my fridge. A reminder worth putting some pep into your every day.
So apart from my faffing about - I have had a rather productive day, travelling the world via my 20" screen. But I have to admit - my mind has been elsewhere (apart from twitter).
Tomorrow night Boyfriend & I are going to a friends birthday dinner (Hip, Hip! Hooray!) at the Himalayan Cafe in New Farm... and the nights attire and necessary decisions have been plaguing me. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??
I'm obviously thinking of Lady Danger... perhaps the Oxfords, and channelling the style of these two ladies -- Marina & Gwen.
Perhaps a bit of sexy messiness, with a daring edge? Oh, how I need new clothes!

I'm hoping to get some 120mm film for my DianaF+ to capture the evenings escapades, however depending on spare time tomorrow I may have to rely on my trusty (or not so) digital camera. Either way, I hope to have some great pics to share with you after the event.

And so I shall leave you with a giggle - this deadline's pushing.

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Friday!!


p.s. here's a quote for the weekend, thanks to David Castro of DMTintheCity:

I ride a guitar wave
called Desire.
It takes me where it wants
 to go and leaves me
  where I've been...

Find something you're really passiionate about this weekend, and go at it like hell for leather.

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